We are now offering the ability for any agency or person to do a fundraiser selling our products or we can make custom products with your images.  We create a flyer for you to print out and distribute or we can give you a pdf for you to email your supporters. You take the orders and collect the money and submit your order to us.  We then ship the entire order to you so you can distribute the products to your customers.  You earn money off each product sold.

Another option is we can provide you with a fundraising promotion flyer with a code to use on our site.  The flyer will direct your supporters to our site where they enter the code when making a purchase and you get credit for every item sold.  This method is nice because we then ship the products directly to the customer and you don’t have to worry about delivering a bunch of products to your supporters.

A 3rd option is we can build you a small web page for your fundraising project and you would direct your supporters to your site that is custom tailored to your agency.

Fundraising is also open to individuals who want to make money selling our products.  An individual could sell our products to his/her co-workers at a police agency or even market the products in a union or police agency newsletter.  Please email us here if interested or visit the fundraising page here.

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