Police Workout Motivation Poster (PWV1)


This Police Workout Poster can be printed on premium glossy poster paper and vinyl self-adhesive poster paper.  The vinyl self-adhesive poster paper is similar to a sticker in that you peel off the back of the poster and stick the poster on a wall.  The vinyl paper poster can be removed and repositioned on another wall as often as you like.  With the vinyl poster you won’t need to buy a poster frame and you won’t have to put a nail in your wall and it will stick to almost any surface to include metal and smooth concrete.




This poster is the pride and joy of our Police Officer Poster Design Business & we have to thank the U.S. Marshals for the motivation to do this poster because they put out a similar poster a few decades ago.  A lot of Law Enforcement agencies were looking for copies of the old U.S. Marshals poster but it went out of circulation years ago so we set out on a mission to make a brand new Police Workout Motivation Poster.  This project was not easy because we knew we wanted the scene to be shot in a real prison/jail setting so that it would look authentic.  We were unable to gain access to any jails/prisons in the United States to shoot the scene so we had to use an abandoned prison in Croatia.  We were fortunate to find a very talented professional photographer in Croatia who had shot pictures in the abandoned prison before. In addition, he was also friends with the model that is our hardened inmate.  The model was excited to play the role of the inmate because his wife is a Croatian Police Officer and he is a professional bodybuilder.  If you go to our blog, you can see a video of the model working out.  We wanted the prison jump suit to be Orange since most U.S. prisons use Orange, however there are no Orange jump suits in Croatia, so we had to buy a jump suit here in the U.S. and ship it to Croatia.  The project was a lot of work but the end result was amazing. If you are searching for where can I buy police posters, then our police workout posters are perfect for you or your agency!

This photo shows the difference between the 18×24 & 24×36 posters

New Police Officer Poster Sizes

Customer Response: “We received it today. It looks great!! The few people I have showed it to were very impressed. I’m going to get it framed and hung by the end of the week.  Thanks so much for working thru this with us.  I’ve told a few people the back story with the bodybuilder and it just adds to the value.  I’ll be sure to email you a photo once we get it hung.”


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