This is a really great bodybuilding motivation video featuring the Croatian bodybuilder who is the model that was used for our Police Workout Motivation Posters. The video was shot by the photographer who shot the pictures for the Police Workout Motivation Posters and you will be impressed with the quality of this video. He has amazing talent in still and video photography and later I will have more info on him and his studio. People ask why I used a Croatian photographer instead of someone in the United States & the answer is because in my exhausting search for a professional photographer I could not find anyone that came close to this guy’s work. The bodybuilder’s wife is a Croatian Police Officer. During the process of doing the Police Workout Motivation Poster I learned that Croatia is much different than the United States in that they have very little crime and violence against Law Enforcement is very uncommon. Enjoy the video and marvel at the bodybuilder’s incredible physique! I would hate to run into him in a dark alley! Watching the video makes me want to run out and hit the gym.

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