narcotics unit poster

This is a really awesome design by artist Julie Robertson.  Julie designed this so that anyone could customize it for their Narcotics Unit or Swat Team.  The numbers 35 and 40 on this example represent the major roadways/highways that the Narcotics Unit works.  The numbers can be changed or removed from the design.  The spade can also be changed to another suit or we can put any image you want such as badge, patch, insignia, weapon, etc.  In the center of the design where you see “JUMP OUT BOYS” we can put any motto, slogan, unit name, officer’s name, etc.  At the top and bottom of the design where you see “NARC” we can put any text you would like.  Julie is a very talented artist and we are excited to have her design on our site.  Julie also designed the “Nameless One” Swat Poster that is also offered for sale here on our site.

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