About Us

About Us

PoliceOfficerPosters.com is owned and operated by Bassett Enterprises, LLC located in the Tampa, FL region of the United States.  We are a small woman-owned Graphic Design, Wide-Format Printing, & Law Enforcement Product Manufacturer. We design and produce our own line of Law Enforcement Posters, Canvas Prints, Vinyl Prints,  Clothing, Mugs, Tumblers, Mouse Pads, and more.  We started out designing and producing Police Officer Motivational Posters and that lead us into putting our designs on other products such as t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc.  We also are able to produce Wall Murals, Floor Murals, Decals for vehicles & buildings, and Canvas Art.

Police Motivational Posters are still the heart and soul of our business. We are consistently expanding our line of  products to meet the needs of police agencies and individuals who are with law enforcement.  Graphic design is a service we provide to Law Enforcement Agencies in the form of design & development of Recruiting Posters, Training Aides, Banners, and Motivational Posters.  We are also a Wide-Format Printing company which enables us to keep our prices low since we don’t have to sub out our printing needs.  We use a state of the art wide-format Canon Printer that produces vivid images for our customers.

Being a wide-format printing company enables us to complete and ship most orders within 24 hours.  We offer custom products for Law Enforcement Agencies to use as promotional products to promote their agency or event.  Ideas for custom promotional products include coffee mugs, drink tumblers, and mouse pads for job fairs, training seminars, or community events.  We can also create a fund-raising campaign for your agency that include our products customized for your agency.

Officer Safety Posters

Having been in Law Enforcement for a long time,  we understand how dangerous the profession is which is why I was interested in designing & producing posters that reinforce Officer Safety Tactics. Safety tactics are tremendously important in ensuring the safety of all Law Enforcement Officers.  In some areas of the nation, Officer Safety Tactics are known as Officer Survival Tactics which can be very basic but are tested and do help keep officers safe.  For every task a Police Officer performs there is a tactic that should be employed to ensure safety.  However, many of these tactics are not always employed due to lack of reinforcement and training opportunities.  Because of the nature of the profession, these safety tactics need to be consistently reinforced to all officers to maintain diligence in every day tasks and duties. My grandfather was a city Police Officer from 1949-1969 and he always told me how rare it was to see violence towards officers during that era.  Unfortunately, now we are in a different era where violence against Police Officers is all too common and the best way to combat that is to promote Officer Safety Tactics nationwide.

Police Fitness Posters

This is another subject that is important to us because we understand that the human body is the most important tool available to Law Enforcement Officers.  Officers use their bodies more than any piece of equipment that an agency issues, yet many officers fail to keep their bodies fit.  Agencies must continue to promote the benefits of fitness.  Many forms of exercise and physical fitness can be maintained in the form of running, cross fit training, weightlifting, cycling, swimming, etc.  There are a wide variety of methods to get fit and we need to promote those methods and their benefits to all Police Officers.  A healthy diet goes hand-in-hand with fitness. We are designing more posters promoting a healthy and nutritious diet for Police Officers.

Our Posters

Our posters are designed by us using stock photos, photos we take, or photos taken for us by photographers.  If you take a look at our  “Police Workout” posters you will see photos that were taken for us by a professional photographer in Croatia.  Those are photos you won’t find anywhere on any other products because they were taken exclusively for our Police Workout poster concept.  This poster series took 6 months to design and bring to completion and we are very proud of the end result.  These posters were inspired by the United States Marshals workout poster back in the 1980’s that hung in many Police gyms around the country.  Our posters are printed in-house on a Canon wide-format printer.   Our standard poster size is 18×24  but we can print up to 44 inches wide at any length.  Any poster can be customized to fit your needs.  We can add your agency name, badge, patch, or anything else you may want added.

Connect With Us:

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding any products, products you would like us to create for your agency, or give us ideas for products you see a need for in law enforcement!

Fax –  888-394-3034

Email – bassettenterprises@protonmail.com

Corporate website – http://bassettenterprises.net/

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